Online Business Blueprint-Bonus

Online Business Blueprint – 1 Page Summary


This is the simple & proven process of making money online:


  1. Choose a niche (area of interest) that you truly enjoy and want to build a sustainable, long-term online business around. Make sure it’s a buyer-friendly vertical.
  2. Pick a high converting, low-priced (< $50) affiliate product as your affiliate core offer. Ideally, it’s an affiliate funnel that’s paying out at least 50% commissions throughout the entire funnel.
  3. Choose a traffic source & send traffic to your pre-built capture page.
    Let your autoresponder automatically take over all of the following for you:

    1. When a person enters their email address, it’s stored automatically in your autoresponder’s database, and you’re building your list.
    2. Your new subscriber is forwarded to your chosen affiliate offer.
    3. Your welcome email is sent out automatically in the background. (This email welcomes the new subscriber, and leads (again) to your affiliate offer)
  4. As you build your list (3), send out a single daily value email that occasionally includes recommendations (affiliate offers) and always provides additional value.


Once you have set everything up, you focus on two actions:


  1. Driving more traffic to your squeeze page – See step (3) above
  2. Sending out 1 valuable email to your list every day – See step (4) above

From now on, you consistently make affiliate commissions on complete autopilot. This is an effective (proven) and efficient process. Keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate the process.


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